“The Hook” (Sea Legs)

I saw you dropped me a line but your words have no weight and someone else took the bait now the hook just drifts in the waves / no I didn’t hear a word after you said her name in my ears how it rang from lips these fingers used to trace // you said you still felt my currents in your knees love made us strong love makes us weak and time changes things // I once thought I saw you for the beauty you were now you’re filthier than dirt and I don’t want to track you inside

“Everything, Nothing” (Sea Legs)

To me you were a symphony I fell for every movement instead of violins you played my heartstrings and ribs as tympani // you were everything you are nothing // I felt you in the summer breeze that carried through the city the taste of salt the scent of mint leaves I couldn’t take you with me // you were everything you are nothing // now I’m drinking swaying singing to the song that’s in my bones I know this one will never leave me still I shouldn’t have let you go

“Open Book” (Sea Legs)

Inside I feel the elements collide this love for you and my pride they ask where’s your spine I’m an open book with loose binds / in my mind there’s an endless archive memories and poetry that mean nothing to anyone else but me they sit on shelves but no one reads // give me one good reason not to run how I’d love to be proved wrong how I’d love to be proved wrong if it only meant you here in my arms for a moment longer than one // every thought I try to spend won’t be on what could have been I’ll keep my fortunes saved up in my head

“I was an Island” (Sea Legs)

I was an island before you came on my shores you were tamed / wandering eyes wander no more senses numbed to enticing lures / I don’t see them anymore / I brought the wood and you the matches the flames went up so fast around us // I was an island before you came on my shores you were tamed // I could love you like I loved them but this is different we’ve seen the end we’ve seen it coming / we may just disappear I’ll lose your light my delicate chandelier