Spring Come Early

This new year is just getting better and better! Four Families just confirmed to open for some incredible bands this March and we hope to have your support at these shows! It is foreseen – beautiful and inspiring performances will bloom forth from the stages of Underbelly and Jack Rabbits…

Monday, March 4th

The orchestral mountain folk band, The Last Bison, will be stopping in at Underbelly to play with Four Families and Antique Animals!

The Last Bison – Switzerland  <— video

Tuesday, March 12th

The beyond talented vocalist/violinist, Kishi Bashi, is performing at Jack Rabbits with Elizabeth & the Catapult. We were stoked just to learn Kishi Bashi was coming to town… now we get to share the stage with him! This is going to be a fantastic night.

Kishi Bashi – Bright Whites  <— also a video


Mark your calendars!

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